Water Feature Solutions fountain basins are the ideal way to add a water feature to your landscape without the maintenance or safety concerns of an open pond. Our heavy-duty basins support pond-less water features in residential and commercial settings, and can be used for both outdoor and indoor fountains.
Easy to maintain

  • The 46” and 72” basins each have two manhole covers for easy access to the interior.
  • Basins can be refilled without having to be opened.
  • The basins are covered, meaning less concern about algae growth.

Environmentally friendly features

  • Our heavy-duty fountain basins are made from 100-percent recycled plastic.
  • The covered basins minimize evaporation, so they don’t constantly have to be refilled.
  • Holes in the fountain basin lids allow for rainwater capture.


Water Feature Solutions fountain basins are made in the U.S.A.

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